Tin Shui Wai Government School(6000 ultra-high lumens┬Ělaser ultra-short throw projection)

A school in Tin Shui Wai invited us to add a projection system to the school playground to allow students to see more clearly when videos/information need to be played during morning meetings.

During our on-site inspection, we noticed that the location where the projection screen is expected to be installed is equipped with multiple fans, severely limiting the projection distance. Therefore, we recommend choosing an ultra-short throw projector , which can use an ultra-close projection distance to solve restricted environmental factors. In addition, the lighting system in the playground will be turned on for a long time, so the projector must be a model with extremely high lumens to be able to meet with this on-site environment.

Before the project, in order to ensure perfection and smooth installation by the master,Autoplus has provided professional 3D diagram to simulate the results as expected .

Finally, we chose the Optoma KZU600USTe ultra-high brightness commercial laser ultra-short throw projector for our guests, equipped with a 133-inch Graywolf Tension Screen.

Optoma KZU600USTe adopts DuraCore laser light source technology and has a light source life of 30,000 hours, making it suitable for long-term use in schools. It has 6000 high-brightness lumens and supports network control, making it easy to control the projector remotely, making it easy for teachers to operate.

Second phase of this project were setup professional audio system with professional matrix control. The result is outstanding and school is really satifisted the projectorperformance and our professional services.

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