China Mobile Retail Store(Projector)

Content: The client China Mobile is carrying out a store image improvement project for its Causeway Bay branch. It hopes to use the professional services of AutoPlus and apply the latest projection technology so that products and services can be presented to consumers with the best visual effects and further enhance the company. high-end image in the industry.

Environment: The high-intensity indoor lighting in the store brings many challenges to the projection effect. For this reason, after several meetings and discussions with the customer, we recommended the Optoma Cinema X Pro2 flagship 4K laser ultra-short throw projector to the customer. This machine is equipped with 3800 ANSI lumens and a high-end 4K DLP projection chip to bring excellent promotional and display effects to stores.

Brand and Model:Optoma Cinema X Pro2 及 Laser Curtain

The main projector projects up to 100-inch diagonal images and is integrated into the wall in the form of a projection sticker. Equipped with interactive touch function, allowing customers to conduct interactive communication control in person.

The second projector projects up to 60-inch diagonal images and is also equipped with interactive touch functions, allowing customers to conduct interactive communication control.

It is not easy to break through in a highly competitive industry. In addition to satisfying customers with its own products and services, excellent visual effects can enhance the company’s image. With a suitable projector, a projector can also be used as a promotional medium in a brightly lit environment.

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