EAST HOTEL – SUGAR (Projector)

The Sugar restaurant in EAST Hotel, Hong Kong, was originally equipped with a high-end brand of lamp projector, but it was damaged due to long-term operation. In fact, display projectors that require long-term operation are not suitable for lamp-type projectors. Restaurants are also deterred by the high cost of replacing light bulbs. Finally, the person in charge of Sugar Restaurant knew that Autoplus provided professional business projector solutions after seeing Post76’s visit to AutoPlus. He contacted us and hoped to get a projector suitable for the restaurant’s long-term use.

After our in-depth inspection, we summarized the difficult factors of this environment:

1.Since the Sugar restaurant is located on the top floor of the hotel and is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass, the brightness of the projector is very important;
2.The customer specifically pointed out that the Sugar restaurant environment is very humid in the summer, so they wanted the machine parts to have high durability;
3.Projectors need to operate for a long time, and the durability and long-term operating cost of the projector are very important.

Regarding the above difficulties, we provided a solution that can properly solve the problem after the inspection. Among them, we recommended the use of Optoma’s HZU8600 flagship Proscene projector. The solution features are as follows:

-Ultra-high brightness: 8,800ANSI lumens
-High durability: IP5X level international certification
-DuraCore laser technology: stable color performance and up to 30,000 hours of operation life
-Prior on-site inspection and actual machine demonstration
-Precise measurement and installation by the AutoPlus professional team

The installation works are carried out at suitable slots within the restaurant’s operating hours to minimize disruption to the restaurant’s normal operations. After the project was completed, the person in charge of the restaurant was very satisfied with the display performance of the new projector. We are also confident that the new projector is more suitable than the original one to cope with the harsh environmental challenges of the restaurant.

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