Divino Patio(Projector)

Divino Patio, an Italian restaurant in Wan Chai that has been open for many years, installed a set of large-screen projection equipment to enhance the style of the restaurant environment in order to allow diners to enjoy their dishes more enthusiastically.

However, due to years of long-term use, the original projector often experienced signal instability, the picture was extremely dim, and the projection screen gradually became worn out and needed to be replaced.

Customer has asked AutoPlus if we had any suitable solutions to carry out an upgrade project for their projection equipment.

It just so happens that Optoma has recently launched a “Universal Series” that is highly recommended for use by commercial/educational institutions, which is exactly suitable for this project.

We selected the Optoma ZH50LV high-brightness laser projector from the series for our guests.

The “Universe Series” is billed as a series of projectors with cost-effectiveness and low maintenance cost.

Using improved DuraCore laser light source, the color is brighter and the lifespan is longer. It perfectly solves the problem that the customer’s original lamp projector becomes darker as time goes by.

They also replaced the projection screen with a Graywolf 133-inch remote-controlled electric rolling screen. The projector Optoma ZH50LV has 5,000 lumens, which is more than enough to handle such a large screen.

The Optoma “Universal Series” has three models with throw ratios to meet the needs of different environments.

Organizations/people who are interested in this series may wish to come to our AutoPlus stores in Mong Kok and Wan Chai in person. We have demo machines for demonstrations and will definitely provide you with the most suitable solution!

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