Commercial ultra-short throw projection installation(Projector))

Our cutomer (Sky Consulting Group) wants to install a projector in the atrium of the office for conference and entertainment purposes. The customer hopes that the projection screen should not be installed too low so that the audience can see the picture clearly. They also want to ensure that the projector can display clearly even when the indoor lights are turned on, so that the speech can be delivered without turning off the lights. proceed below.

Environment: The difficulty of this project is that the ceiling layout of the office atrium is complex and there are many obstacles, such as pipes, lighting, air-conditioning ducts and air outlets. Since the customer wants the projection screen to be installed not too low, it is best for the ultra-short throw projector to be embedded close to the ceiling and not blocked by obstacles.

Projector and screen :Optoma DX3 and VIVIDSTORM PRO 100″ ALR drop down screen

In order to solve the following three major problems, including: 1. The ceiling is full of obstacles; 2. The atrium is full of lighting, which can easily affect the projection effect; 3. The projection screen wants to be installed at a higher position. Finally, we provide customers with the following services to suit their needs Their needs:

  1. The latest Optoma DX3 is selected and is specially designed for business environments. This new projector not only has an ultra-short throw design, but also has an extra-high 3,500 lumens. It is very suitable for high brightness and installation is subject to complex indoor environments. business plan.
  2. AutoPlus’s professional sales team and engineering team work closely together, negotiate with customers many times, and conduct multiple on-site inspections and measurements before the order is confirmed to ensure that this difficult installation project can be completed smoothly and not just to negotiate business. And make promises casually and exaggerate your abilities.
  3. Before the installation project is carried out, our engineers will use professional instruments to measure to ensure that the installation position is correct. For this installation, we specially used a hanging chain method to allow us to install the projection screen in a narrow gap and make it extremely stable.
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