Exhibition Hall (Blending Project)

Recently, an organization invited us to set up an immersive space in one of the exhibition areas of an exhibition hall in the New Territories, allowing viewers to jump into another space, which is more eye-catching.

The person in charge of the organization specifically invited us to complete this exhibition project for them because they received many praises from industry insiders for the AutoPlus team and referred to past project cases online.

We received all relevant project information and immediately provided them with the most appropriate solution: Using 4 Optoma KZU600USTe ultra-short throw and ultra-high lumen commercial laser projectors, the projected images are fused together and then projected directly on three white walls. In addition, we added audio equipment to the exhibition area to completely impact your audio-visual experience.

Since the exhibition space is very open and the light is sufficient, the 6500 lumens of Optoma KZU600USTe perfectly solves the problem of affecting the projection screen under sunlight.

Moreover, the exhibition area plays videos in a loop every day, and the projector usage rate is extremely high. Therefore, the laser light source technology used by Optoma KZU600USTe provides a 30,000-hour laser light source life, and the image color will not fade, which is very important for institutional management. Maintenance costs are a big plus.

In this case, what the customer appreciates most about the AutoPlus team is our professionalism! He was very impressed that we could provide him with several options in a short period of time for him to choose. We also carefully explain the details of each plan to give our customers 100% confidence!

Moreover, we are also very responsive to our customers’ requests and “do special things for special needs”. Not wanting to delay the exhibition, the AutoPlus engineering team worked all night to complete this extremely complex projection project in one day. The guests couldn’t help but praise that AutoPlus is definitely the most professional projection engineering company in Hong Kong!

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