Property show room (Blending Project)

Target: The front curved multi-screen display of the real estate’s advertising video, combined with the underground fan-shaped image, displays the real estate’s geographical location and housing estate information for visitors to watch.

Front wall display area : 300 “2.35:1 ultra-wide screen effect, achieved with 3 short-throw Laser Projector Branding Model: HZU8600 + 0.8 short-focus lens

Ground display area: 270″ special-shaped multi-sided screen connection, 3 Laser 5000ANSI Full HD short throw, Optoma GT1090HDR

Thanks to the developers for their trust and support in AutoPlus, AutoPlus is determined to use the latest projection technology and an experienced engineering team to create a brand new and rich real estate showroom for developers. Through the surround projection splicing technology, visitors can have an immersive audio-visual experience; coupled with multi-layered images (front, ground), multiple pieces of information can be displayed at the same time, improving the advantageous display of the property into one Top level.

^To achieve loopback without distortion, rigorous measurement and adjustment are indispensable.

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