HKUGA College(High Brigtness Laser Projector & Interactive Panel)

AutoPlus recently carried out an interactive display replacement project for a school in Hong Kong Island. The school was very satisfied with our engineering services. So there was another projector replacement project in the school, they contacted us immediately to see if there was any feasible solution. The school has been using 3LCD projector, but it has insufficient lumens and the image has faded problems, making maintenance arrangements very troublesome. So we suggested replacing Optoma’s new laser projector series: Optoma ZH40LV High Brightness Full HD Laser Projector With up to 4,000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 300,000:1, it is the perfect choice for classroom education.

Using laser light source, the light life is up to 30,000 hours. Laser light sources will not fade like old light bulbs. Use an external power supply to save energy! The most satisfying thing for school customers is that Optoma provides comprehensive maintenance services specifically for educational institutions, including on-site installation and disassembly services, which greatly saves schools the stress and cost of warranty! After the project was completed, the colleagues in charge of the school unanimously stated that they had chosen Optoma projectors as their first choice for the campus optimization project that would be carried out later!

The old interactive display screen in their classroom at the HKGA College is broken and needs to be replaced.

However, the brand of interactive screens they originally used had been frequently repaired in the past, and the display effect was not as good as expected, so they contacted the AutoPlus team to see if there were any other brands of interactive display screens to choose from. After our introduction, the final choice: LG TR3BF Series – 86-inch touch display 86TR3BF.

Everyone is familiar with the Korean brand LG TVs and has confidence in them. Their interactive displays are absolutely meticulous, too.

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