Tuition club(128″ Ultra Wide interactive projection board )

Recently, we received a proposal from a Tuition club to open a new activity learning center in Cheung Sha Bay Area.

Since they had visited our shop earlier, they installed an Optoma interactive projection system and the effect was very satisfactory. So they invited to add the same Optoma interactive projection system to the new location.

“Interactive projection” is a very technological projection method. Participants only need to stand in front of the projected screen and use their body movements to interact with the screen. With this unique advantage, interactive projection becomes more and more popular. It is becoming more and more popular with everyone. Interactive projection greatly enhances students’ sense of experience and interest in education.

Moreover, the novel experience of interactive projection is bound to attract attention, arouse everyone’s interest in visiting, and increase the time they spend staying. It can even be made into an interactive advertising form, allowing visitors to interact with the advertising content, activating the on-site atmosphere, increasing the company’s brand awareness, and deepening the audience’s impression of the product.

Therefore, the “Optoma interactive projection system” is definitely a new trend in projection methods in the future, whether it is used in education or commercial promotion! If you are interested in interactive projection, you may wish to come to our AutoPlus store in person. The Wan Chai store also has an experience area where you can personally understand the real effect of interactive projection!

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